Worldwide meeting of Young Academies

18/08/2015 door admin

In November The Young Academy of Sweden together with The Global Young Academy look forward to welcoming representatives from Young Academies, initiatives and similar organizations from allover the world to Stockholm, Sweden. During three days an intense exchange between Young Academies with the purpose seek new opportunities for cooperation will take place. There will also be a round table dialogues between young scientists and policy-makers together with EU and other experts on the role of science in sustainable development.


The Young Academy Movement

Young academies are being formed all over the world in what is called  “The Young Academy Movement”. The first young academy, Die Junge Akademie, was established in Germany in 2000 and today there are more than 30 young academies around the globe, including the Global Young Academy. The latest contribution (2015) is found in Norway, Akademiet for yngre forskere (The Young Academy of Norway). The Young Academy of Sweden has been an active contributing force in the international community of young academies and continues to expand its international collaborations.

The first world wide meeting for young academies

In 2012 the “Shaping the Future of Young Academies” symposium were held in Amsterdam co-organized by Global Young Academy and the Dutch Young Academy. The symposium brought together nearly all existing young academies from Europe, Africa and Asia, and many growing initiatives to establish National Young Academies (NYA). 57 participants representing 31 NYA and initiatives met to exchange ideas and discuss possibilities for collaborations. They agreed on a follow-up meeting in about 2 years with regional meetings and/or exchange in probably all three continents in between. GYA and DJA will work on the results of the meeting and make it accessible to the growing international Young Academy Movement.