4-5-6 november: Internationale driedaagse

woensdag 4 november

Jonge Academies van Europa ontmoeten elkaar in Brussel (Paleis der Academiën) voor diverse samenwerkingen.
Aanwezigen waren gedelegeerden van de Jonge Academies van: België, Duitsland, Zweden, Schotland, Letland, Nederland, Denemarken, Noorwegen en de European Young Academy.


Wednesday 4 November
12h00: Light lunch
13h00: Welcome, and presentation of everyone present
Present your academy in 5 minutes (included: a short presentation of two projects: one successful, one that failed)
14h30: Short informative session about European international academic associations
14h45: Statement game/Discussion on what a Young Academy is, should be, whom it should be for, why it exists, etc. With statements such as: Artists or people from industry should be members; Integration of new members is a problem; Young academies in Europe are too similar; Young academies can only function in NW-Europe etc.
15h30: Coffee break
16h: Debate: ‘The future for young academics in Europe’


  • What could the EU do more to improve the career possibilities of young scholars?
  • Should young academies establish a lobby group?
  • What can we do to strengthen international mobility of young European scholars?
  • What could universities do to facilitate interdisciplinary research for young scholars?
  • Should the EU increase funding for Science Communication?

  • Panel members:

  • Anna Karaoglou (Head of Unit for Universities and Researchers, European University Association)
  • Noël Salazar (Young Academy of Belgium)
  • Sven Bestmann (Vice-Chair of the Young Academy of Europe)

  • 18h00: walk towards hotel for check-in (Hotel Bloom, Koningsstraat 250)
    19h30: Dinner (La Manufacture, Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Vaakstraat 12)

    Thursday 5 November
    9h45: Coffee
    10h: Presentation of the working-group-topics
    10h15: Working-groups on topics:

  • citizen science: the future of science (communication)?
  • scientist and artists in the Academy: a happy marriage?
  • Work-life balance: a contradictio in terminis?
  • Interdisciplinarity: a must?
  • Open Science/Open Access: why and how?
  • The future university: what should it look like?

  • 10h45: move to another working group
    11h15: move to another working group
    12h Lunch
    13h30: optional: walk through the historical centre of Brussels